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if you would like to measure, visualise or document your system, we have a solution !

With our data acquisition systems you can measure temperatures, liquid levels or volumes in an easy and robust way. Example Materials Testing Facility: Materials Testing Facility as PDF-File for Acrobat Reader

We also specialise in customised solutions. The data acquisition process is running invisibly in the background, while you interact with the customised user interface.

Applications include temperature control and alarm settings in food manufacturing and industrial processes. The distributed nature of the system makes it ideal for both small and large solutions.

Looking for a solar thermal data acquisition system ?

We provide special functions in our solar thermal data acquisition system Datalog32.

Using a standard web-browser, we enable direct access to our software Datalog32, showing online data at a specified accuracy, and previous data as configurable chart with selectable time axis. Last but not least Datalog32 provides a summary of key parameters in a simple table, showing the operating condition of the experimental setup; upper and lower limits are marked in red or blue for easy viewing.

With our data acquisition system Datalog32 you can measure temperatures, environmental data or volumes in an easy and robust way. It includes the complete mathematics for solar thermal data acquisition in a ready-to-use form. The distributed nature of the system makes it ideal for both small and large solutions.

The solar thermal data acquisition system Datalog32 solves your task in acquiring experimental data in a reliable non-stop manner and storing this data in text files or databases for further off-line processing. We also specialise in customised solutions to deliver online data for your special needs.

While the collection of operating data of your solar thermal building is only one task, Datalog32 is a complete solution. However, to achieve a useful result, solar thermal expertise is required.

As an example Datalog32 is running at "Technikerschule Butzbach". This technical college offers a two-year course for for future environmental technicians. The course focuses on renewable energies, ecological use of energy and energy consulting. The low-energy school building was planned to meet the requirements of this course. The building has a usable floor space of approximately 350 m2. It was designed using solar architecture. As the building is intended not only for housing classrooms, but also for practical study purposes, many different building materials and innovative techniques were used. The building has a controlled ventilation system. The heating system is supported by a solar thermal system. The preheated fresh air passes through a cross-flow heat exchanger which recovers heat from the warm exhaust air that leaves the building. A 1 kW grid connected PV system is installed on a frame in a large pond.

To perform the data acquisition for such a complex system, it is not only necessary to select suitable sensors but also important to place these sensors at optimal locations and in the required number. To obtain the maximum technical expertise, it is essential to verify the data for plausibility and employ proven engineering methods for further optimization of efficiency.

To perform this task we have been co-operating with specialized world class partners.
We are sure it will be helpful for your task to take additional support to support your solar thermal activities.

Examples of use: solar thermal data acquisition system Datalog32

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